Codeine Upscheduling Forum

Join WANADA on 21 February to learn more about the likely impacts and discuss what we might need to do.

From February 1, codeine will no longer be available without a script. 20% of over-the-counter users meet the criteria for dependence. 58% of dependent users report no problematic alcohol and other drug history, and 75% of them have never sought help.

Use in WA is above average, and Australia’s highest rates of use are in regional and remote areas.

What effects will this changed scheduling have on the AOD sector in WA?

Codeine Upscheduling Forum
With special guest Dr Suzanne Nielsen, Pharmacist and Senior Research Fellow at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW
Wednesday 21 February 2018
9.30am – 12pm
Workzone East, Level 1, 1 Nash Street Perth

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Level 1
1 Nash St
Perth WA 6000


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