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Sector Data Collection and Outcomes Scoping Project

WANADA has received grant funding from the Mental Health Commission (MHC) for a scoping project to support the planning of an alternative data system for alcohol and other drug treatment services. This project was prompted by the planned decommissioning of the Service Information Management System (SIMS), which is currently used by organisations to report the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set and MHC contract requirements. SIMS will no longer be available from June 2021.

WANADA has identified that there is sector interest in scoping a collective data system solution. This system may provide a means for organisations to meet their alcohol and other drug data reporting obligations and support collective outcomes/monitoring data for agreed sector uses. The nature and uses of the system will be informed by the results of the scoping project.

The scoping project is guided by a steering group comprised of WANADA member organisations that currently use SIMS.

WANADA will be undertaking a range of consultation activities to understand sector needs regarding alcohol and other drug contract reporting; outcomes monitoring; system-generated reports; system integration; data management; and the potential role of sector data in policy and planning. The first phase of the consultation includes one-on-one interviews, online surveys and phone consultation, and will close  20 December 2019. This is an open consultation intended to involve our member organisations across Western Australia and you are invited to get involved.

Sector input will inform our understanding of data system requirements, which will guide the market search. An independent IT consultant will assist WANADA to identify a data system that meets sector needs.

For information about the project or to get involved, please contact Systems Support Coordinators Amy Lampard and Susan Holt on (08) 6557 9400 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last updated: Wednesday 13 November 2019. This webpage will be regularly updated to reflect the current status of the project.


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