Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) are a health and social issue that impacts the whole community. The alcohol and other drug sector in Western Australia provides highly skilled services to meet the diverse needs of people in our community. The Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (WANADA) is committed to supporting services to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol and other drugs.

WANADA is driven by the passion and hard work of our member agencies, which include community drug services, therapeutic communities and residential rehabilitation centres, sobering-up shelters, harm reduction services, and counselling services. WANADA is the independent voice on alcohol and other drug sector issues throughout WA.

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Green Book Directory In Print

Green Book Versions of the Joint Directory

The Green Book Directory of Alcohol & other Drug and Mental Health Services in WA is opening the book on alcohol and other drug services.

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Methamphetamine Forum

Managers talking

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction's Professor Ann Roche facilitates a Methamphetamine Forum in Perth on Thursday 22 October.

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Peaks Build Capacity


A new, independent report shows the capacity building work of Australia's alcohol and other drug peaks benefits the whole sector.

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Funding for Treatment, Not Stigma, Needed

Managers talking

Alcohol and other drug specialists are urging the Federal Government to commit to treatment and rehabilitation programs, reducing methamphetamine-related harm and reducing demand for the drug.

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