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Alcohol and other Drug Facts

Western Australian resources on alcohol and other drug facts


Alcohol. Think again

The Alcohol.Think Again website is a Western Australian education campaign that includes information about alcohol use, health impacts, alcohol statistics, guidelines, tools and tips.

Learn more


Drug Aware – specific drug effects and information

The Western Australian Drugaware site provides credible and factual information about specific drugs, including their effects, plus information on harm reduction and support.

Learn more


E-cigarettes and vaping

Information on E-cigarettes and vaping including ingredients, effects and current Western Australian laws is available on the HealthyWA website. The site also includes downloadable fact sheets for parents and young people

Learn more


Illicit Drug Laws and Penalties in Western Australia

Information on current Western Australian laws and penalties relating to illicit drug use can be found on the Drugaware Get the Facts /Drugs and the law site.

Learn more


WA Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service

(08) 6553 0520

The WA Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service is a specialist telephone consultancy service operating 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday that provides clinical advice to health professionals on all issues relating to patient management of alcohol and other drug use.

The service is provided by experienced addiction medicine specialists and is available at no charge to all health professionals in Western Australia including GPs, public and private hospital emergency physicians and other health professionals.

Learn more


Australia-wide drug facts resources


Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet – Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre is a comprehensive website providing information and current research on alcohol and other drugs. The website provides up to date information on specific drugs.

Learn more


Alcohol and Drug Foundation – Drug facts

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation provides facts, resources and programs related to alcohol and other drug use. Information on over 50 specific drugs can be found via their Drug Facts section.

Learn more


Alcohol and Drug Foundation – Text the Effects

Text the Effects is an Australia-wide anonymous SMS service run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation that provides instant drug information direct to mobile phones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People can text any drug name to 0439 TELL ME (0439 835 563) and receive an instant reply. The message lists a number of the drug’s effects and provides links for further information on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation DrugInfo website

Learn more


AIHW – facts on alcohol and other drug use in Australia

Australian statistics on alcohol and other drug use are provided by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey. The survey is conducted every 2-3 years and collects information on alcohol and tobacco consumption, attitudes and perceptions, and illicit drug use among the general population in Australia.  The latest reports, facts and data sheets including state and territory fact sheets can be found at the AIHW website

Learn more


AIHW – information about alcohol and other drug treatment in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) collects the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set (AODTS NMDS). The AIHW produces annual reports from the data set containing information about alcohol and other drug treatment services; the clients who use these services; the types of drug problems for which treatment is sought and the types of treatment provided.

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For more resources visit our tools and resources directory.